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RateMyCollection.com is the global marketplace for presenting your collections. The site has been designed to be a fun and easy to use tool for legitimate collectors to network and share information. So dust down that old collection of stamps, coins, bottles tops or postcards - you never know, you might be sitting on something priceless.

Step 1 – Register
RateMyCollection.com is free to use. All you need to register is a valid e-mail address. Once registered you can begin to rate collections posted by our users.

Step 2 – Add Your Collections
Once you’ve registered you can add details of up to 3 collections of your own. Introduce your collection, provide a valuation and any other information you see fit. Then choose up to 10 items to feature in the collection; present images, technical data and perhaps the item’s history. Check out the rating categories and tailor your listing to fit. Remember the better your presentation the higher the collection rating!

Step 3 – Publish
Once you are happy with your collection, publish it to the internet for the whole world to see. You can add search tags to your listings so that they feature in the site's search engine. Don't worry if you want to change the details of your collection at a later date, with the collections manager you have full editorial control. Remember the information you present is viewable to the entire internet. Read our information section for guidance on safe usage.

Step 4 – Rating
Once you have published your collection listing it will be added to the collection page for other users to view and rate as they see fit. Your listing will be rated on 7 categories and the overall score used to rank your collection in our league table. Monitor the performance of your collection over time and regularly update the listing to improve your ratings.

Step 5 – Network
Append topic discussions to your listings and share your collection through your other social media outlets. Check events in your area and list your own. If you supply collectables as part of a business, list it in our directory.


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